The spirits of the subte
The stations on Lines A and B have many stories to tell.
Line A on the city’s subway system was the first underground metro line in Latin America. Legend has it that during its construction between 1910 and 1913, two Italian workmen died when a beam collapsed at a planned station located between the current stations of Pasco and Alberdi. The construction company covered up the accident and that station was never built. Many passengers say that at night the lights on the carriages turn off at that point on the line and that at the side of the tracks it’s possible to see the lifeless bodies of the workers, as if their souls had remained trapped underground. 
And line A isn’t the only line to see its share of mysterious apparitions. Line B also has its stories. Lacroze station was built on land that had been part of the old cemetery nearby and during construction various tombs had to be moved. To this day security staff in the CCTV control room attest to having seen on their screens ghostly human figures apparently waiting for the train. Muchos operarios de la estación cuentan que en la estación de cámaras de control, los monitores durante la noche reflejan las imágenes de figuras humanas translúcidas que parecen esperar el subte y que, al percibir la intromisión de las lentes, miran fijamente hacia ellas como desafiando a sus invasores.
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