As of March 20, 2020 and by Decree 297/20, the entire country entered a period of social,

preventive and obligatory isolation.

What does this mean?

That you cannot leave your home except to provide yourself with essential items, such as food,

cleaning supplies and medicines.

If you do not comply with these rules, you are breaking the law.

If you have traveled to a country where the virus is spreading or have been in contact with

someone who tested positive, you must stay in isolation for 14 days.

If you have any of the symptoms, call free of charge at 107.

For more information, send an email to

Río de la Plata Eco-Route
An opportunity to connect with nature and gain greater awareness of the need to protect the environment.

The city’s nature reserves form part of the Río de la Plata Eco-Route, an almost 100-kilometre route that connects green spaces and protected areas in the Paraná Delta and Río de la Plata region. All of the points along this corridor form a common ecosystem with great natural and heritage value. Discover them all.

1. Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve
Av. Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1550 Ombúes (CABA) 
Distinguished as a Ramsar site and Important Bird Area.
2. Lago Lugano Ecological Reserve
Avenida 27 de Febrero at the intersection with the bridge over Cildáñez stream (CABA)
3. Costanera Norte Ecological Reserve
Intendente Güiraldes, opposite Ciudad Universitaria (CABA)
4. Vicente López Ecological Reserve 
Calle Paraná where it meets the river (Vicente López)
5. Ribera Norte Municipal Natural Park
Camino de la Ribera 480 (Acassuso)
6. Barranca de la Quinta Pueyrredón Municipal Natural Park
Rivera Indarte 77 (Acassuso)
7. Barranca de la Quinta los Ombúes Municipal Natural Park
Adrián Beccar Varela 774 (San Isidro)
8. Pilar Municipal Nature Reserve
Calle Argerich behind the former military factory, Ruta Provincial 25 in the direction of Escobar (Pilar)
9. Paraná River Delta Biosphere Reserve
Access by boat from Tigre port (San Fernando)
Distinguished as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO
10. Delta Terra Natural Reserve 
Espera where it meets Rama Negra Chico stream, Tigre Delta (San Fernando)
11. Ciervo de los Pantanos National Park 
Ruta Nacional 9 (Panamericana) at km 68 (Campana)
Distinguished as a Ramsar site and Important Bird Area.