Diverse Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is diversity, liberty and respect. Discover the LGBT capital of Latin America and its wealth of social, cultural and artistic attractions.

Welcome to the LGBT capital of Latin America!

Buenos Aires’ atmosphere of tolerance, diversity, liberty and respect makes it the top destination in Latin America for LGBT travellers. The phenomenal nightlife helps too. You’ll find in Buenos Aires an incredible openness and a 24/7 LGBT scene fueled by a huge range of pubs, cultural centres, designer bars, terraces, parks and nightclubs where freedom of expression reigns supreme. You can take part in myriad special events like Buenos Aires Diversa, the International Queer Tango Festival and the pride parade, and you can even get married! Buenos Aires is the place for everyone interested in enjoying authentic expressions of love.

The beginnings

Much of Buenos Aires’ original gay scene began life in the 80s, when the clubs and bars had something of an underground vibe, then in the 1990s campaigning for gay rights became more vocal and the annual pride parade began attracting more and more people each year. There are still areas of the city with a long tradition dating back to the early days, such as the junction of Santa Fe and Pueyrredón avenues in Recoleta, and the rose garden in Palermo – a popular spot both by night and day.

Progressive legislation

2002: Buenos Aires became the first city in South America to pass a law granting gay couples the same rights and social benefits as heterosexual couples.

2010: Argentina legalised same-sex marriage, becoming the first country in Latin America to do so.

2012: Argentina passed a gender identity law allowing citizens to choose which gender they identify with.

Carlos Jáuregui, a world activist

Carlos Jáuregui was the first president of the Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA) and founder of the association Gays por los Derechos Civiles (Gays for Civil Rights). He led the first gay pride parade in Buenos Aires in 1992 and was an important figure in the campaign for the right to civil union for gay couples. Santa Fé station on line H of the Buenos Aires underground metro (subte) system is dedicated to him, proudly decorated with murals and the colours of the pride flag.

See how we live diversity in Buenos Aires!

Take a look below at just a few of the popular meeting places for the city’s LGBT community.



Two dancefloors cater to a wide public.

Casa Brandon

House of art and culture popular with the city's LGBT community.

Club de Osos de Buenos Aires

Bear hugs all round at a club that revindicates gay men's manliness.


Classic night out with a 30-year history.

Fiesta Plop

Fun children's TV-themed party with retro music and fancy dress, popular with young gay clubbers.

Fundación Federico Jorge Klemm

Eclectic basement gallery.


Big old house for dancing latin rhythms.

Peluquería La Chola García

Hairdressers that also works magic on moustaches and beards.

Puerta Abierta pensioners' centre

Gay retirement home founded by the first lesbian couple to marry in Argentina.


A place to dance, drink and enjoy the show.