Buenos Aires is its people
Come to discover why we call Buenos Aires “the city of many passions.”

Who we are

We are “Porteños,” the people of the port. We have immigrant blood, we are passionate, we give big embraces and we always greet with a kiss. Our tables are always crowded with friends, uncles and aunts, cousins, children, brothers and sisters, and we talk – perhaps sometimes argue – for hours. We express our emotions with enviable ease.

We are made of contrasts: between popular culture and sophisticated Culture, between the traditional and the modern, between old religions and modern idols, and our city is full of life and intensity, enriched with stories that are shared and entwined.

Here, we bump into each other in the street then sit for hours over a coffee. Here, we look each other in the eye. Here, the night is a new day, and the city lights up with its hundreds of theatres and thousands of restaurants and bars.

We don’t speak Spanish; we speak porteño, our own unique dialect that is part of the city’s identity. Here, the taxi drivers are poets and philosophers. Here, a football match is a spectacle everyone must experience at least once.

Here, we'll introduce you to tango and dulce de leche. And we want to meet you, and get to know you. Because here we don’t receive tourists; we make friends.

You may find us a little noisy, but, above all, you’ll find us to be authentic. And here in Buenos Aires, you can be sure about one thing: you'll feel part of the city. And when you depart, you’ll leave your mark and take something of us with you.

Because we are Buenos Aires; the city of many passions.