The Alfajor, a nation’s passion
In Argentina, discover the traditional confection that became a national icon

An ode to the alfajor

The most popular sweet treat in Buenos Aires is the alfajor, in all its many tempting varieties. The classic version comprises two biscuits sandwiching a filling of dulce de leche, all coated in milk chocolate, but there are as many types of alfajor as there are people who eat them, and everyone has their favourite.

Whether double- or triple-layered, there are varieties confected from cornstarch biscuit, white chocolate, mousse, meringue, fruit fillings, peanuts, cereal flakes, coconut, or chocolate sprinkles. It’s an entire universe, with numerous recipes and ingredients.

Your alfajor is personal. It’s an individual snack that fits your personality. For Porteños, the residents of Buenos Aires, the alfajor follows us through life: devoured with a can of drink during school breaktimes, nibbled with a glass of milk on visits to grandma’s house, and, later in life, enjoyed as to the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee in the office.

Alfajores are eaten all year round, whatever the season. Indeed, in Argentina we eat 1 billion of them every year.

So why do we like them so much? Every Porteño will have his or her explanation, and you’ll find your own when you try them. Just make sure you leave enough space in your luggage to take a few boxes home with you once you’ve discovered their delights.

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