7 Buenos Aires shopping centres
Unique malls worth a visit for more than simply shopping.
Buenos Aires has always been a city on the cusp of new trends and the advent of the city’s shopping centres goes all the way back to the 19th century. These palaces of commerce accompanied the growth of a metropolis that was heavily influenced by immigration from Europe, particularly from Italy. Discover 7 mall that stand out for more than just shopping. 

Marvel at the frescoed dome at Galerías Pacífico

Galerías Pacífico - Compras

(Corner of Av. Córdoba and Florida 753)
Perhaps the city’s most famous mall, located bang in the city centre, has a fascinating history that saw in pass through various incarnations. Today, the elegant Galerías Pacífico is a designated national historic monument and as well as a wide range of high-end shops, it also houses the Borges Cultural Centre with its revolving art exhibitions and tango school. But most impressive of all is the mall’s extravagant dome, which was painted by several artists. 

Check out the view from Galeria Güemes 

Galería Güemes - Compras | Cúpulas

(Florida 165)
Behind its understated entrance, Galeria Güemes surprises visitors revealing all the Art Nouveau grandiosity of the era when it was built. As well as the passageway of shops, the building also houses a grandiose theatre staging tango shows in the basement, the former apartment of The Little Prince writer Saint-Exupéry, and most impressive of all, after a trip up in the antique elevators, an observation deck with views over the domes of surrounding buildings.

Rock out at Bond Street

Bond Street

(Av. Santa Fe 1670)
Rockers of the world, this is your home in the City of Many Passions. With more than 50 years’ history behind it, the Bond Street, not on Bond Street but on Avenida Santa Fe, brings together everything from rock and alternative culture, from tattoo and piercing parlours to stores specialising in graphic novels, rare records, independent design and more. Give yourself time to get lost between its graffiti-covered walls.

Shop with a French touch at Rue des Artisans 

Rue des Artisans - Compras

(Ruas Arenales 1239)
Rue des Artisans, one of the oldest passageways in the city, was built in 1887. Today this quaint lane is a row of design stores ranging from clothing to decor. What makes it so special, as well as a unique shopping experience, you’ll discover an intriguing mix of French and Latin influences. 

A family mansion turned shopping centre

Pasaje Defensa - Compras

(Defensa 1179)
Back in the 1870s, the Galería de la Defensa was the home of one of Buenos Aires big aristocratic families, the Ezeizas.  You can still appreciate the layout of the residence, with its several rooms around open central patios, while the shops there today offer leather goods, paintings, clothing and rugs. Another fun fact? It was used as a location for the film Focus starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie in 2015. 

Enjoy the garden at the Galería Solar de French

Galería Solar French - Compras

(Defensa 1066) 
With its neo-colonial architecture, this old house has a history dating back to Argentina’s May Revolution of independence. Today it offers an atmospheric open-air shopping arcade with antiques shops, craft fashion, art and shoes around a lovely little garden.

Go underground to discover the bustling shopping centre beneath the obelisk

Galería del Subsuelo - Subte - Compras

(Cerrito 470)
Probably the most frenetic of the of all the centres, Galería Obelisco Norte y Sur is located underground via the entrances to subte lines B, C and D at 9 de Julio/Carlos Pellegrini. The shopping centre has been renovated to create more contemporary spaces and add several artworks but you can still find shoe shiners, a classic sight in the city. and the traditional Porteño essence of the old stores. This underground centre of commerce also offers an easy way of crossing the widest avenue in the world!
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