6 selfies you have to take in Buenos Aires
In the Instagram age, there’s no better souvenir than a feed full of snaps to document your experiences.

A visit to Buenos Aires means having new experiences and making new friends. Make sure you've got plenty of memory free on your phone to record every moment for posterity - and as evidence of your adventures to show off back home. Here are just six selfies you'll want to take for your stories and posts. We’re sure that you’ll come up with a lot more.

1) Getting a hug from the hand of god

Travelling’s all about building bridges, and for a Brit in Argentina that means setting grudges aside and embracing the hand of God: the legendary - infamous - number 10 himself, right on the doorstep of his beloved club, Boca Juniors! . . . Well, almost. Escolástico Berto Méndez is an uncanny double for Diego Maradona - he’s even the same age, and has followed the striker’s changes of look. Having played the man himself in TV shows and commercials, Escolástico can be found most days posing for snaps on the Caminito in La Boca.

2) Busting some moves at a milonga

You'll need the proof otherwise no one back home will believe you got out there on a dancefloor and performed the world’s most sophisticated dance in its place of birth, in the most demanding of milongas, the traditional tango dances held all over the city every night. Just be quick about it and choose the filters later - the couple behind you isn't going to be impressed if you’re holding up the dancefloor for too long during a tanda by their favourite orchestra! 

3) Chewing the fat with Borges and Bioy Casares

Buenos Aires also has its refined, intellectual side: it was the cradle for several major 20th century writers and has long been a hub for cafe culture. Pop in for a coffee and chat with the literary heavyweights Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares at their regular table in the elegant old cafe La Biela in Recoleta.

4) Interacting with the city landscape

Time to get creative. Buenos Aires is a vast artistic canvas boasting eclectic architecture and world-class art. Go on a street art safari in the Coghlan neighbourhood and see what wildlife you can spot (look out for Ren’s peacock, Maese Warrior’s leopard and Ice’s rhino) and get as creative as the artists responsible them. Just be careful.

5) Trying Fernet and Cola

Talk about an acquired taste! Described by a local English language publication as “being smacked in the face while sucking on a Ricola cough drop”, Fernet is a bitter botanical mix of dozens of herbs. Originally invented in Italy in the mid-1800s, the drink has become phenomenally, some would say bizarrely popular, in Argentina, where, mixed with cola it’s the party drink of choice. Don’t worry if you don’t take to it immediately, Buenos Aires has some of the best cocktail bars going, where you’ll find plenty of other creative options.

6) Drinking mate with your new friends

Perhaps Buenos Aires’ biggest attraction is its people. Porteños are fun, open, welcoming and talk to everyone. If you find yourself wrestling with a map in the street, within seconds you'll have half a dozen people stopping to give you directions, and chances are that at some point during your stay, you’ll be invited to join one of Argentina’s favourite social rituals - drinking mate. In a tradition that dates back to the culture of the gauchos, this bitter herbal drink is prepared in a communal gourd and passed around the group while stories are told and friendships made.