Patio de los Lecheros

Open-air food court in the heart of Caballito

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The Patio de los Lecheros, or "the patio of the milkmen" is an open-air food court in the heart of the Caballito neighbourhood. The name comes from the site's history as a former train station, where milk would arrive in the city from the dairy farms outside of the city until the sale of unpasteurised milk was prohibited in 1961. The choice of this location and its name is fitting for its current use because the men who would wait for the train bringing milk in order to sell it in the city were immigrants from diverse origins, and the current food patio reflects this diverse cultural legacy. 

The patio now hosts events with food trucks, a produce market, urban herb garden, beer garden and sometimes live music, DJs, film projections and children's activities including inflatables and ping-pong tables the afternoons and evenings at the weekend.

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