Los Inmortales

Traditional pizzeria with walls covered with pictures of characters from the 1930s.

Named after the mythical Café de los Inmortales or Copetín de Corrientes, which was a popular literary and bohemian hangout in the 1930s, and decorated with images of many of the personalities who would have attended its namesake, this pizzeria was created by Felipe Fiorellino and Francisco Di Ciancia, who say their secret of their pizzas lies in the oven, the dough and the quality ingredients.

Inauguration: 1952
Speciality: traditional stone-baked pizza



Rodrigo Bueno food patio

On the border of the neighbourhoods of La Boca and Puerto Madero, Patio Rodrigo is an open-air food hall.

San Paolo

A pizzeria that surprises with some unusual ingredients.

Santa María

The desserts stand out as well as the pizzas

Siamo nel forno

Italian pizza with quality ingredients.