Serving classic pizzas and fainá since 1938.

Decades after opening this historic pizzeria, the Pintos family continues to maintain their tradition offering, with a limited range of pizzas, well cooked in the wood-fired oven, and very good fainá to accompany them.

Inauguration: 1938
Speciality: traditional porteño deep-pan pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven





Birthplace of Buenos Aires´ cheesy, oniony fugazzeta pizza


A pizza joint that's preserved its essence since 1935.

El Cedrón

Pizzeria with its own secret dressing.

El Fortín

The pizzeria claimed by several different football teams

El Imperio de la pizza

People are here as early as 6.00am at this neighbourhood classic.

El Mazacote

Offers various pizzas and fainás

El Palacio de la Pizza

Traditional pizzeria harking back to another era.

El Trebol

Pizza joint with a century-old wood burning oven.

Gran Pizzería José

What started as a small and became a huge pizzeria


One of the most famous of the Av. Corrientes classics

La Mezzetta

Standing room only at this old pizzeria.

La Moderna

Created by the founders of La Continental chain.