Santa María

The desserts stand out as well as the pizzas

Part of a cluster of traditional pizzerias concentrated on Avenida Corrientes between numbers 6700 and 6900, Santa María opened its doors in 1947, the same year as the neighbouring Imperio de la Pizza. Both places are loyal proponents of the traditional Buenos Aires pizza, and Santa María is also popular for its traditional desserts like sopa inglesa, a kind of Italian trifle, palo Jacob, a kind of chocolate éclair, and imperial ruso, a local gateau.

Inauguration: 1947
Speciality: traditional Buenos Aires deep-pan and media masa pizza.



4553 2763

El Trebol

Pizza joint with a century-old wood burning oven.


One of the pioneering Italian pizzerias in Buenos Aires.

Gran Pizzería José

What started as a small and became a huge pizzeria


Al fresco pizza on this corner of Palermo


One of the most famous of the Av. Corrientes classics

La Guitarrita

Famous pizzeria with around 70 varieties of pizza!

La Más Querida

Modern pizzeria with some unconventional toppings.

La Mezzetta

Standing room only at this old pizzeria.

La Moderna

Created by the founders of La Continental chain.

Las Cuartetas

One of the most famous pizzerias in town, where Carlos Gardel´s lyricist used to write

Los Campeones

Founded by four football fanatics, this place is famous for the loyalty of its regular clients

Los Inmortales

Traditional pizzeria with walls covered with pictures of characters from the 1930s.