Los Campeones

Founded by four football fanatics, this place is famous for the loyalty of its regular clients

The four founders of this classic pizzeria wanted to come up with a name that would appeal to fans of all football teams, and so they came up with Los Campeones (The Champions). The place is a local institution in the Barracas neighbourhood, and gets fairly chaotic at peak times! On the walls you can see holiday postcards from regular customers sent from around the world, testifying to how much they are looking forward to returning to Buenos Aires in order to eat their favourite pizza again. Pizzas are made in sight of the bar.

Inauguration: 1954
Speciality: both a la piedra and al molde pizzas, cooked in a wood-fired oven.



San Paolo

A pizzeria that surprises with some unusual ingredients.

Santa María

The desserts stand out as well as the pizzas

Siamo nel forno

Italian pizza with quality ingredients.