Las Cuartetas

One of the most famous pizzerias in town, where Carlos Gardel´s lyricist used to write

Legend has it that Alberto Vaccarezza, one of Carlos Gardel's lyricists and creator of the Buenos Aires sainete -a kind of one-act comedy -  used to write quatrains (cuartetas) on the napkins while sitting at a table in this venue, hence the name of the pizzeria, one of the most well-known in the city.

Inauguration: 1932
Speciality: typical Buenos Aires pizzas of all kinds.




One of the most famous of the Av. Corrientes classics

La Más Querida

Modern pizzeria with some unconventional toppings.

La Mezzetta

Standing room only at this old pizzeria.

La Moderna

Created by the founders of La Continental chain.

Los Campeones

Founded by four football fanatics, this place is famous for the loyalty of its regular clients


Intimate pizzeria with standing room only.

San Antonio

This pizzeria's secret is the recently prepared dough.

Santa María

The desserts stand out as well as the pizzas