La Antigua Tasca de Cuchilleros

Excellent parrilla also serving pastas and delicious fried empanadas in an old house with a tragic love story.

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San Telmo

This restaurant is located in the city's oldest adobe building, built between 1729 y 1730 with a whitewashed facade and a roof sustained by quebracho and palm braces, following a major restoration project by a team of archaeologists.

The site has a lot of history, including a love story between the daughter of the old owner Margarita Olidén and a travelling musician (the young girl fled through a tunnel under the building to elope with the poet to Luján because her father wanted to marry her to Ciriaco Cuitiño, the head of President Rosas' paramilitary "Mazorca" group. Cuitiño pursued the couple and fatally wounded Margarita.

The current restaurant serves classic Argentine meat, pastas and fried empanadas.