Hotel Alvear bar

One of the city's most traditional and distinguished bars

In the heart of Recoleta, in the aristocratic Avenida Alvear, is the exclusive lobby bar within the five-star Alvear Palace Hotel. Decorated with original French-style boisserie. It's been a meeting place for the city's high society and business people since 1932.

The hotel itself was based on the model established by the Ritz chain, blending French 18th century architecture with modern comforts.

The bar offers cocktails, champagne, a wide selection of cognacs and whiskys, with sandwiches and appetizers to accompany. Guests are required to wear formal or smart casual dress. 

Famous visitors have included Prince Charles of the UK, the former king and queen of Spain Juan Carlos and Sofía; singers, actors and writers including Charles Aznavour, Joan Manuel Serrat, Eric Clapton, Sofía Loren, Sharon Stone, Antonio Banderas, Catherine Deneuve, Sean Connery, Charlton Heston, Arthur Miller, and presidents Jacques Chirac and Nelson Mandela.


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