Al fresco pizza on this corner of Palermo

Based in an old house with an impressive wood and marble bar, this pizzeria has large windows, private booths, a chequerboard floor and a grill in sight. It's the perfect blend of traditional Buenos Aires tavern and modern Palermo style. Grappa is also one of the best proponents of the local invention of pizza a la parrilla, cooked on a barbecue grill and served thin and crispy, in an oval shape on a wooden tray.

Inauguration: 2000
Speciality: pizza a la parrilla 



4899 2577

La Más Querida

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La Mezzetta

Standing room only at this old pizzeria.

La Moderna

Created by the founders of La Continental chain.

Las Cuartetas

One of the most famous pizzerias in town, where Carlos Gardel´s lyricist used to write

Los Inmortales

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Rodrigo Bueno food patio

On the border of the neighbourhoods of La Boca and Puerto Madero, Patio Rodrigo is an open-air food hall.

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Siamo nel forno

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