Esquina Homero Manzi

Cafe where the great poet Homero Manzi wrote the tango Sur

This cafe on the corner of San Juan and Boedo - Boedo number 999 to be precise - is believed to have opened in 1914. It was here that the poet (1907-1951) wrote the tango Sur in 1948. The lyrics were set to music by the great bandoneon player and composer Aníbal Troilo (1914-1975).

The venue underwent several changes of name, from El Aeroplano to Nippon when it was bought by Japanese owners in 1937, and later Canadian, until settling on the current tribute to Manzi in 1981.

In the 1930s and 40s, this was one of the most popular places for tango musicians and singers to socialise, and it is this association with tango that keeps the cafe alive today, with tango shows now staged here on a daily basis.





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