Café Margot

Legend has it even president Perón dropped by here to try the famous turkey sandwich

Café Margot is an emblem of the Boedo neighbourhood, famous for its sandwiches of pickled turkey, which, legend has it, were invented here in 1940.

The cafe attracted various celebrities in the past, including the boxer José María "el Mono" Gatica, the socialist politician Alfredo Palacio and the former president Juan Domingo Perón.

It opened in 1903 as Trianón, and passed through various incarnations before adopting the name Margot in 1993. The building is one of the oldest in the area and preserves its original structure. Cultural events including exhibitions and book launches are sometimes held, and on the second floor is the Boedo XXI theatre space, and the Lubrano Zas library, belonging to the local history association.




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