Bar El Estaño 1880

Cafe and restaurante rooted in La Boca neighbourhood since 1880.

This cafe and restaurant has been firmly rooted in La Boca neighbourhood since 1880, occupying the ground floor of a building on the corner of Aristóbulo del Valle and Hernandarias on the location of the former Estrella del Sud inn, which would pack in worked from the port and the Casa Amarilla. Legend has it that the former president used to visit here because it was close to the house of one of his last girlfriends.

The venue was revamped by Spanish immigrants Manuel López and Teresa Vicenta Novaro after they arrived in La Boca in 1939 and it became part of daily life in the neighbourhood. Regulars included infamous characters such as Segundo David Peralta, better known as Mate Cosido, “the bandit of the poor", the footballer “Charro” Moreno and Jorge E. Villarino, “the king of jailbreaks".

The cafe's current name comes from the cafe's pewter (estaño in Spanish) bar, which is the largest of its kind in Buenos Aires. Several films were shot here, including scenes from Evita.