Young people in Buenos Aires

The nights never end in Buenos Aires, and nor do the days. Here are some suggestions for an authentic stay in the city.

By day

See the city's highlights accompanied by those who know. We have guided tours every day of the week, in different formats: walking, running, rowing, or cycling. And many of them are free. Search for visitas guiadas in Spanish, or check our our selection of English-language tours of Buenos Aires.

By night

Enjoy the best night out in Latin America! Learn the words previa (pre-party) boliche (nightclub) and after (after party) - you're going to use them! Take a look at our guide to nightlife in Buenos Aires to get started, but you'll soon discover that the best approach is to let the night decide where to take you!

Special suggestions for work  and travellers

The team at turismo joven offers work and travellers special suggestions, and often raffles tickets for different events, from rugby and football matches to motor racing, shows and food events.

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