Where to look for work

The best places to upload your CV

Time to make an impression!

To start looking for work, we suggest creating a CV/résumé and uploading it at the sites listed below. Depending on the format of each site, you can search for work related to your interests or by selecting a category. We recommend writing a good letter of presentation outlining your skills. Since the letter will need to be in Spanish, pay special attention to spelling and grammar. If you need help, don't hesitate to write to us at turismojoven@buenosaires.gob.ar .

● Argentine Hostels Association (Camara Argentina de Hostels): many hostels often hire young people to work on reception, in bars, or other areas. Send your CV to the national hostel association.
● French-Argentine Trade and Industry Association ( Camara de Comercio e Industria Franco-Argentina): If you're from France, you should definitely upload your CV, but young people from any country can also make use of the service. The chamber also hosts group meetings on the first Wednesday of every month focusing on everything job hunters should know before looking for work. 
● Lucullus - Asociación Gastronómica Francesa en Argentina: if you'd like to work in the food industry, upload your CV.
● Large employment portals: to search for employment of any type. Some of the biggest job sites covering Buenos Aires are: Zona Jobs, Computrabajo, Empleo Buenos Aires, Bumeran and Empleos Clarin.