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Tango Schools
A pick of BA’s best-known tango schools.

There are hundreds of places to learn and dance tango in Buenos Aires, whether you come alone or with a partner. Many cater to non-Spanish speakers and some offer free classes. In traditional tango neighbourhoods like San Telmo or Abasto, tango-themed hotels and guest houses may offer tango classes.

Take your time to research and find the right school or professor(s) for you. Below are some well-known places to learn tango, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. 

For information on other tango-related activities in the city, please see Tango.

Tango Schools

Escuela Mariposita
Located in an old San Telmo mansion, the Escuela Mariposita is a boutique hotel, tango school, and cultural centre. It offers group tango classes for all levels, regular tango workshops, intensive tango weeks, private lessons and other classes on Women’s Technique, Tango Choreography, Coaching for Professional Dancers. It has an English website.
Carlos Calvo 950, San Telmo.
Tel: +54 11 4300 3247

Escuela Argentina de Tango
The large Escuela Argentina de Tango offers a comprehensive range of tango dance and music classes for all levels, as well as Master’s courses in tango. It has two campuses in the city centre.
Viamonte esq. San Martín. Galerías Pacífico - Centro Cultural Borges Nivel I
Talcahuano 1052, entre Av. Santa Fe y Marcelo T. de Alvear
Tel: +54 11 4312 4990

Tango Escuela Carlos Copello
Private and groups classes, as well as shows and events. Situated in the Abasto neighbourhood.
Anchorena 575, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel:  +54 11 4864 6229

Academia de Tango Mora Godoy
With more than 75,000 alumni, this school was the first to introduce new tango concepts, styles and movements and is considered one of the best tango training institutes. It has a website in English.
Tel: +54 11 4964 0254 / +54 11 4966 1225

Academia de Tango de Mayoral y Elsa María
Located in a “Petit Palais” in Recoleta, this school offers group and private classes to students of different levels, as well as tours to ballrooms, classes on ‘Healthy Tango’ and training for tango professors. Its teachers are bilingual and its website is available in English.
Av. Callao 1078 1º piso
Tel: +54 11 4815-6885 / 4816-1856

La Viruta Tango
La Viruta, located in Palermo Soho, offers private lessons with experienced bilingual teachers as well as group lessons. Tango lessons are divided into 6 different levels. There is no need to enroll beforehand in order to participate in the lessons, and you can start at any moment, during the year. It also offers salsa, milonga and rock and roll lessons.
Armenia 1366
Tel: +54 11 4774 6357 / 4779 0030

Escuela del Tango
The Escuela del Tango was home to the Tango World Cup and International Festival from 1999-2007.  It has over 20 years experience in teaching tango to students and trainee professors of all levels.
San José 364  Piso 3° Dpto. A , Monserrat, Buenos Aires , Argentina
Tel. +54 11 4383 0466    

Academia Roberto Herrer
This dance studio is located in the central neighbourhood of Balvanera
Sarandí 426, 1º floor
Tel:  +54 11 4864-6229

Academia de Tango El Beso
Located in the city centre, this school offers group classes, workshops and private classes. It's not necessary to book and you don't need to bring a partner.
Riobamba 416
Tel.: +54 11 4953 2794  / +54 9 11 15 4195 5221

DNI Tango
Located in Almagro, DNI offers a range of private lessons and group classes to students of all levels and attracts a young, international crowd.
Bulnes 1011
Tel: +54 11 4866 6553

Tour company offering tango tours and lessons for beginnners. 

If you want to study tango long-term and in-depth, Buenos Aires even has a "tango university" - the CETBA located at Agrelo 3231 (

Finally, some tour companies offer private tango lessons prior to making trips to milongas to put the steps into practice - check TripAdvisor for tango tour recommendations.