Our digital tools for visitors to Buenos Aires

Optimise your stay with BA Tours, BA Planner and the BA Turismo app, specially designed for visitors to the city.
  • BA Tours is the official online store for tourism experiences in the city.
  • BA Planner is an online tool to help you organise you itinerary.
  • BA Turismo is the city tourist board's app providing all the information you need to make the most of your visit.

Book at BA Tours, the online shop for tourism experiences

BA Tours has everything you need to enjoy your visit to Buenos Aires. The online store developed by the Buenos Aires City Tourist Board brings together a wide range of activities offered by both the public and private sectors, including tickets for shows, museum entry, gastronomic experiences, workshops and unique excursions ranging from helicopter rides to tours on electric scooters. Booking experiences in Buenos Aires is now so much easier. 

You can check prices, choose your dates, see how many people have booked the same experience and make secure payments using credit or debit card as well as book free activities. What are you waiting for? Make a booking for your next excursion now!

Build your trip with BA Planner

Want to plan your stay in Buenos Aires? BA Planner is the best organiser you'll find. you can see what's happening in the city in real time, filter results according to your interests, travel dates and the neighbourhoods or types of attactions that you want to see. You can add everything that you like the look of to your travel plan, create your calendar and send it to yourself by email. You'll find guided tours, excursions, concerts, exhibitions and all manner of other activites that this cosmopolitan city has to offer.

Start your journey with BA Planner!

Explore the city with BA Turismo

Looking for app that has all the info you need to make the most of your trip? BA Turismo provides an excellent way to save paper and space in your luggage and carry a mobile guide book in your pocket. You'll find information on all the main attractions in the city. Best of all, it's free and you can use it without wifi, so you all have the information at hand.

Download the app for AndroidIOS