Open House Buenos Aires - 48 hours
Celebrating the best of the city's architecture with exclusive visits to historical and iconic buildings. November 2020

Open House Buenos Aires - 48 hours

November 2020
Close to 145 buildings in the city will be open to the public.

Free activity

Open House Buenos Aires is a two-day festival or architecture and urban design during which many buildings that are important for their aesthetic and cultural value, but are normally closed to the public, open their doors to allow free visits. Some of the city's most historic and eye-catching buildings, both public and private, are participating as well as a number of little-known architectural gems off the beaten track.

Buenas Aires was the first city in Latin American to adopt the Open House concept back in 2013, and the initiative has grown to include close to 145 spaces. The event is organised by the NGO CoHabitarUrbano, which was created to promote a creative link between the city and its people.

Discover the surprises, stories and curiosities that await behind the city's walls. You've got 48 hours to take advantage of.

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