Open Government

Learn about our commitment to transparency and civic innovation, and explore BA Data.

In BA, we use technology to increase access to information and make decision-making more accountable, participatory and innovative.

Open Government is designed to improve:

Transparency: transparency in public policy, information and data allows citizens to make more informed decisions about their government and their community, helping to enrich public debate.

Civic collaboration & empowerment: bringing together government actors, civil society, businesses and the general public in policy design, planning, impact assessment and execution.

Civic innovation: promoting new ideas, technologies and methods that improve the lives of residents, the practice of citizenship, state infrastructure and institutions.

Public services: the provision of modern, efficient public services via a more informed and interactive dialogue between citizens and government is central to improving quality of life and creating a better citizen experience.

BA’s commitment to open government and its embracing of civic innovation was recognized with the 2013 City of the Year GovFresh award. The interactive Cómo Llego? City Map also received an honourable mention in the City & Urban Innovation category at the prestigious Webby Awards 2014.

Core initiatives which are systematically changing the relationship between the public and the government in the city of Buenos Aires are highlighted below.

Buenos Aires Data

Buenos Aires Data

In August 2013, we issued a creative commons license for all our digital content. Buenos Aires Data is a freely available online library of over 100 city datasets. Its lay-out allows users to visualise the data, examine mobile apps that have been created using the data, and includes a design lab for posting app ideas. 


Thematic hackathons stimulate civic innovation and involvement in developing usable software to solve common urban problems, such as waste management. BA's regular hackathons bring together programmers, graphic designers, non-for-profits, local government teams and other civic innovators to think up ideas and develop prototypes and products.

Buenos Aires Lab

Another means by which we work together with society to empower the creative and tech-driven industries and maximise innovation and efficiency in administration, is through the Buenos Aires Lab. The Lab brings together policy-makers, civil society and entrepreneurs from the technological, cultural and environmental sectors to channel knowledge and collectively address some of the city’s greatest challenges.

City ‘GobCamps’


Participant-driven ‘unconferences’, known as GobCamps, are routinely organized to bring together citizens and government in a wholly open and informal setting. With an emphasis on debating and innovating, participants share and discuss novel ideas to tackle urban problems.

More information (in Spanish) on the City's open government policies can be found on the website of the Ministry for Modernisation.