NEWS: Bienal Arte Joven BA 2015/16 opens for applications on 1 Feb

Friday 9 January

Helping to inspire creativity and excellence in the arts, the Bienal Arte Joven supports aspiring artists and musicians across Buenos Aires.

Applications for the 2015/2016 Bienal Arte Joven Buenos Aires will open from 1 February to 8 March 2015. Artists between 18 and 32 years of age (including foreign nationals with official residency in Argentina) are eligible to apply through the website of the Bienal Arte Joven.

Applicants can present finished, ongoing or proposed works across four disciplines: visual arts, performing arts, audiovisual arts and music, with awards ranging from financing, marketing support and mentoring schemes, to opportunities for international exchange, recording contracts and cultural spaces to showcase their works.

More on the Bienal Arte Joven

The Bienal Arte Joven Buenos Aires is an experimental platform for young artists to express their creativity, both at home and abroad. After the application stage, selected participants are invited to take part in a series of workshops on the Campus Bienal while they prepare their projects for the Bienal Festival in September 2015.

As well as awarding financing for projects, the Bienal offers mentoring schemes and scholarships for projects abroad and international exchanges. This edition teams ups with overseas institutes ImPulsTanz (Vienna), Hangar (Barcelona), Flaherty Institute (New York), ADM (Mexico), Lincoln Center (New York) and EAC (Montevideo).

In the last edition, over 700 selected artists took part in the Bienal’s various exhibitions, seminars and workshops, with a total of ARS $120,000 awarded in prize money.

All information, including terms and conditions for applying and the types of awards on offer can be found on the official website of the Bienal Arte Joven.

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