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The final of the Argentine Open
Experience the climax of the most important interclub polo tournament in the world.


Where? Campo Argentino de Polo. Arévalo 3065.

The 124th Argentine Open, also known as the Palermo Open, comes to its climax this weekend. Experience the best polo in the world and one of the most exciting sporting spectacles going at the "cathedral of polo" in Palermo.

For the 11th time in 13 years, the final is a clash between La Ellerstina and La Dolfina, two of Argentina' most famous teams. Six-time winner La Ellerstina aim to take a title the team hasn't won since 2012, and cut La Dolfina's row of four consecutive crowns. 

Seven pointers to understand the game

What do you need to understand the game? Here are some basic pointers.
1. Each team fields four players.
2. In Triple Corona matches, teams play eight seven-minute periods known as chukkas. In other tournaments, six or seven chukkas may be played.
3. Teams switch sides every time a goal is converted.
4. If the ball goes off the side of the field, it's the umpire who throws it back on to the pitch between the two teams. If match is a draw after normal time, time is added so that there is always a winner.
5. Every team has a handicap, which is a numerical score for their quality of play. Local team La Dolfina has a 40-goal handicap, the highest possible.
6. Players must hold their mallet in their right hand. Mariano Aguerre, a former champion player from Palermo is left-handed but had to learn to play with his weaker hand.
7. Finally, it's important to understand that while the athletes are indespensible in polo, the quality of the horses make a difference.

Argentine Open Polo Tournament

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