Federal Barbecue Championship
Sample the best meat in Argentina, and the world, at the Federal Barbecue Championship in September 2020.

Federal Barbecue Championship

September 2020.
Lisandro de la Torre, between Av. de los Corrales and Av. Directorio, in the Mataderos neighbourhood. 

Now in it's third year, Argentina's official Campeonato Federal de Asado celebrates a major tradition and defining element of Argentine identity.
The country's 23 provinces, plus Buenos Aires, the federal capital, compete in the great Argentine grill off, each represented by a team of two barbecue chefs who'll be vying to impress two demanding juries, one featuring local gatronomic heavyweights and another featuring politicians. 
The competition plays out over 24 barbecue grills lining the street. Each duo has to prepare several cuts of beef: vacío, asado de tira ancha, and colita de cuadril, as well as chorizo (sausage), using their own tools and charcoal, wood or both, on their barbecues. Bread and condiments are provided to the competitors.
There'll be activities for all the family at the event. And don't eat meat if you don't eat meat; there will be other food stands with representatives of the city's different communities serving up their own national foods. 
The Chilean writer Juan Pablo Meneses wrote "Although more and more books may be published on how to cook meat, no text can beat the intuition of the expert barbecue chef that every Argentine carries inside." And that is exactly what we're celebrating.


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