Culture for Access & Inclusion
We work to break down social barriers, encourage artistic talent, and instill pride in the community.

Culture is a powerful instrument for promoting social inclusion and managing diversity. We work with civil society groups to run free cultural programmes and events throughout the city.

Neighbourhood identity and culture programmes

Offering creative spaces for artistic expression and cultural appreciation, particularly in neighbourhoods with a diverse ethnic mix, is an important aspect of strengthening community diversity, cohesion and identity. One example is the Neighbourhood Culture Programme which runs across 36 community and cultural centres and offers residents free activities, from music and dance classes to choir singing, circus performing and workshops in art and design.  Other culture promotion programmes for local communities can be found here.

Art for Growth (Arte para Crecer)

Art for Growth

In informal neighbourhoods where residents often have fewer opportunities for cultural and artistic expression, we focus on promoting outdoors cultural activities in newly recovered public areas.

Together with members of the community, local non-for-profit groups and professional artists and entertainers, we organise street festivals, circuses and music concerts, and offer artistic workshops for youngsters. Taking advantage of the rich tradition of street art in Buenos Aires, and as part of our Arte para Crecer programme, we run projects with professional artists and teenagers to design and paint public murals in the neighbourhood.

Ciudad del Rock

Ciudad del Rock is a new gigantic concert venue in the large Parque de la Ciudad (Villa Lugano) in the southern corner of the city. It is one of the many cultural components of the City Government’s regeneration project for the south. A number of annual music festivals are being relocated to this venue, and transport connections are being enhanced with the new Metrobus and extended Subway networks. All Ciudad del Rock concerts and festivals are completely free for the public.