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Ciudanza urban dance festival
Both the city and the dancers are the stars at this festival of open-air interventions. January 2021.


January 2021
Various locations throughout the city

Ciudanza is the city's urban dance festival, in which dance is the discipline and the city the stage. The festival aims to make us see and experience the city in a different way, with artistic interventions in public places, parks, and at major landmarks bringing dance into the city.

Performances take place in the open air, creating new, novel experiences that show the diversity and creativity of both dance and the urban environment.

The 2020 edition will take place within Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA).

More info at: fiba2020

Chinese New Year

In January, Belgrano's Barrio Chino celebrates with music, dance and food.

Federal Barbecue Championship

Sample the best meat in Argentina, and the world, at the Federal Barbecue Championship in 2020.