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Chinese New Year
In January, Belgrano's Barrio Chino celebrates with music, dance and food.

Chinese New Year 2020

January 2021.

Buenos Aires' Chinatown, or Barrio Chino throws its traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, drawing people from all over the city to enjoy music and dance performances, workshops and Chinese food.
Celebrating the beginning of the year 4718 for the Chinese community, there will be exhibitions of martial arts from the country's most important schools and associations, samples of Chinese calligraphy, concerts and a parade of traditional dress from the different ethnicities that make up the Chinese people, all brought specially from the region.

A little history

The dates of Chinese New Year, also known as the Festival of Spring, are based on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. Celebrations begin on the first day of the lunar month and finish with the Lantern Festival on the 15th day. In China, it's a time for celebrations, special food and fireworks during which millions of people travel to their home towns and cities.
Don't miss this event where joy and family celebration take to the streets of Buenos Aires!



Night of the Bookstores

In November, the bookstores on Avenida Corrientes open into the early hours for a unique evening of promotions, talks and live performances.