Carnival in the city

Kick and swirl to the rhythmic beats of Buenos Aires' murgas every weekend in February!

Every weekend in February, porteños across the city celebrate the Carnaval Porteño, an extravangant festival featuring the traditional murga, a unique form of cultural expression with its roots in European and African music and dance traditions. 

The colourful, rhythmical dance originates from Cadiz, Spain, but became a prominent part of carnival celebrations in the working class, immigrant neighbourhoods of Uruguay and Argentina at the turn of the 20th century.

Agile performers in bright sequinned costumes and top hats whirl and kick to the rhythmic pulse of the bombo legüero, tambour and cymbal, as they parade through the streets.

More than 100 murgas take place across different neighbourhoods each weekend in February (from 7pm until 2am on Saturdays and from 7pm until midnight on Sundays) and on the public holidays granted for Carnival on a Monday and a Tuesday (in 2018, the public holidays for carnival are Monday February 12 and Tuesday February 13)

The full dates for 2018 are:

Saturdays February 3, 10, 17 and 24, plus Sunday February 11 and Monday February 12, 7pm - 2am.
Sundays February 4, 18 and 25, plus Tuesday February 13, 7pm - midnight. 

Information on where to enjoy carnival in the city’s different neighbourhoods will appear at: and


Abasto – Almagro – Balvanera – Barracas – Boedo – Colegiales – Flores –Liniers – Lugano – Mataderos – Palermo – Paternal – Pompeya – Saavedra – San Telmo – Villa Crespo – Villa Pueyrredon – Villa Urquiza

All events are free