Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA)
The best of international theatre in Buenos Aires, January 2021.

Buenos Aires International Festival

January 2021.
Forty venues throughout the city.

Buenos Aires' formerly biennial international theatre festival is now annual and returns during the height of the Porteño summer, taking place from January 22 to February 2! Dozens of Argentine and international productions will be staged at forty venues, including unconventional spaces in streets, squares and bars, in what is one of Latin America's most important festivals of international contemporary theatre.
Launched in 1997, the festival will now be held every summer, featuring different genres, open-air performances, and awards the Germán Rozenmacher prize for new drama. Films, open talks with artists, workshops and masterclasses are also part of the festival.
This year, the Festival will focus on four themes: gender and diversity, environment, integration and technology. The festival also incorporates Ciudanza, Buenos Aires' festival of urban dance interventions, which in the 2020 edition will take place on January 24, 25 and 26.
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