BA in figures

Data on BA’s growth.

Key Economic Figures

  • Population: 3.049.229 people
  • Per capita GDP: US $ 24,812
  • GGP: US $ 71,735,000
  • Economically Active Population (EAP): 1,609,000
  • Number of Businesses: 155,114 (Micro: 132,778; SMEs: 19,883 and Large: 2,453)
  • Services Exports: US $ 4,750 million (estimated)
  • Goods Exports: $ 374 million
  • Unemployed: 99,000
  • Working Population (city residents): 1,510,000

City-to-Country GGP and GRP Comparisons

The Gross Geographic Product (GGP) of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires makes up 20% of Argentina’s total GDP. The city’s per capita GGP is more than three times the average per capita GGP in the rest of the country.

The city of Buenos Aires has grown along with the rest of Argentina in recent years and has exceeded the country’s average in the growth rate of its Gross Regional Product (GRP), reaching more than 10% economic growth over the last 5 years.

Productive Sector Composition

Buenos Aires’ economy is primarily composed of the services sector, which represents 63% of real GGP and city nominal added value. Other sectors of note in GGP composition include manufacturing (15%), commerce (12%) and construction (10%).