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Recent awards, accolades and rankings.



American Award for Digital Cities AHCIET - Winner

Buenos Aires was awarded in the Environmental Management of Energy, Water and Waste Category for its plan to incorporate energy-efficient LED lighting across the city, a project that has been in place since 2013  and is managed by the City Ministry for the Environment & Public Space. The LED technology not only allows for significant energy savings, but also provides greater security to locals and commuters.

More information can be found in the  Climate Action & Energy Efficiency section. 


C40 Awards 2015 - Finalist

The city of Buenos Aires was a finalist in the Transport Category at the C40 Climate Awards 2015, along with London, Bogota, Nanjing and Singapore, for its ever-expanding BRT (Metrobus) system. This system combines traditional and articulated busses with exclusive lanes which reduce travel times, provide predictability, comfort, and help to manage the city’s environmental footprint. The C40 Cities Awards provide global recognition for cities demonstrating world-leading policies and programs that reduce emissions and improve sustainability.

More information about the BRT (Metrobus) system, go to the Sustainable Mobility section.


Sustainable Leadership Award from the Argentine - British Chamber of Commerce - Winner 

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires was awarded second place in the category "Innovative Organization - Public Sector" for its project Green Zonal Social Services, located in city communes 2 and 7. This project was developed by the City Government’s Under-Secretariat for Family & Community. This project worked with a number of in situ social programs to help transform these neighborhoods into centers of environmental and ecological awareness.   


Organisation of American States’ Inter-American Awards for Innovation in Effective Public Management - Winner 

Organized by the Organization of American States (OAS), these awards recognize innovations in governance, and promote them as potentially replicable initiatives elsewhere in the Americas. The Government of the City of Buenos Aires was the winner in the category 'Innovation in Human Resources Management' for a special project based on a model of ‘supported employment’, which looks to match job vacancies in the public sector with persons with disabilities. It was set up and is managed by the Commission for the Full Participation and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (COPIDIS).

More information can be found in Vulnerable Communities.


Organisation of American States’ Inter-American Awards for Innovation in Effective Public Management - Finalist 

The Government Laboratory (known simple as 'Lab') is an innovation space designed and run by the Directorate General for Innovation & Open Government within  the Ministry of Modernization. The Lab encourages the generation and sharing of open data, and seeks to bring in new technologies, innovation, and –  importantly - citizen participation in the formation of public policies in the city of Buenos Aires. 

More information can be found in Open Government.    


The Circular Economy Award - Outstanding Project 

The Circular Economy award offers recognition to individuals and organizations from commerce and civil society across the globe that 

have made a notable contribution to driving  circular economy principles. Buenos Aires’ Solid Waste Management Plan was recognized as an outstanding project and published in the first edition of the Circular Economy Awards, "The Circulars Annual Year Book 2015." The Circular Economy award is run by the Young Global Leaders (YGL) as part of the World Economic Forum.

For more information on the plan, go to the Waste Management section.    


Global Entrepreneurship Cities Challenge - Winner   

The GEC Cities Challenge targeted up-and-coming metropolitan areas that are rapidly boosting entrepreneurship, attracting talent, and leveraging public assets. Buenos Aires was announced as the winner because of it it’s Innovation Plan, which looks to maximize human capital to empower the entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovate for social inclusion  after innovative policies that support the growth of its entrepreneurs.

For more information about the entrepreneurs and the city check out our entrepreneurship section.                    



The city’s Secretariat for Habitat and Inclusion (SECHI) was awarded second place in the category "Innovative Organization - Public Sector" for its project in the tenement housing area of Zavaleta. This public-private partnership with Coca-Cola FEMSA brought sanitary, sewage, drainage and storm-capturing systems to over 80 families, as well as a new entrance to the neighbourhood and a synthetic sports pitch.

For more information about the entrepreneurs and the city check out our inclusive city section. 


C40 & Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards - Winner

The City Government’s Plan Integral de Gestión de Residuos Sólidos Urbanos (Solid Waste Management Plan) was a winner in the Solid Urban Waste category at the C40 Cities’ City Climate Leadership Awards which honour cities for their leadership in tackling climate change. The project is helping to clean up the streets, save energy, engage citizens responsibly in waste separation at origin and create more jobs.

For more information on the plan, go to the Waste Management section.


Webby Awards - Honourable Mention

Buenos Aires received an Honourable Mention in the City & Urban Innovation category of the renowned Webby Awards 2014, for its digital City Map Cómo Llego?. The Webby Awards are chosen by International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS). More information can be found in Open Government.


World Smart Cities Awards - Finalist

In October 2014, Buenos Aires' social innovation project, the NIDO (Núcleo de Inclusión y Desarrollo de Oportunidades) was shortlisted as a finalist in the Innovative Initiative category of World Smart Cities Awards 2014.  The NIDO will help regenerate one of the city’s most vulnerable slums by creating a highly productive social space for interaction, integration and creativity.

More information can be found in Innovation for Inclusion.


Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation - Finalist

In September 2014 Buenos Aires was listed as one of the 15 Guangzhou Award finalists for its Mesa de Innovación y Creatividad (Innovation & Creativity Roundtable), a highly-successful response to the need to better integrate innovative public policy across government departments. Since 2013, the roundtable ensures regular open dialogue and coordination amongst senior officials on cross-cutting innovation.

Recipients of the Guangzhou Award are selected by the city of Guangzhou, the World Association of Major Metropolises (Metropolis), United Cities & Local Governments (UCLG).


Organisation of American States’ Inter-American Awards for Innovation in Effective Public Management - Special Mention

SOEAet up in 2012 to support the professional development of young graduates and bring fresh perspectives and ideas to public administration, the Programa Jóvenes Profesionales (Young Professionals Programme) is a graduate training programme across different areas of City Government. The programme has been recognised by the OAS Department for Effective Public Management as an innovative and easily replicable tool in public administration in the region.



Sustainable Transport Award - Winner

Buenos Aires’ Plan de Movilidad Sustentable (Sustainable Mobility Plan) won the Institute for Transport & Development Policy’s annual Sustainable Transport Award which recognises cities with a strong vision and clear sustainable strategy for improving citizen mobility. The plan includes the city’s BRT (Metrobus) system, the Eco-Bici city bike scheme and all works to prioritise pedestrian mobility in the city centre.

Go to Sustainable Mobility for more information.


C40 Citizens Choice Awards - Winner

In recognition of its leadership in combating climate change, Buenos Aires was the public’s choice out of 19 cities for the C40 Citizens Choice Award. The Plan de Movilidad Sustentable (Sustainable Mobility Plan) was especially highlighted as an innovative, sustainable and replicable model.

Go to Sustainable Mobility for more information.


Gov Fresh Awards - Winner

Buenos Aires’ commitment to open government and its embracing of civic innovation was recognized with the 2013 City of the Year GovFresh award. Go to Open Government for more information on how we use technology to make decision-making more participatory and innovative. 


Premio Iberoamericano de Ciudades Digitales - Winner

In 2013 Buenos Aires won the Ibero-American Award for Digital Cities in the Open Government category. The prize was awarded by the Ibero-American Association of Research Centers and Telecommunications Firms (AHCIET), which recognised the city’s commitment to developing  efficient digital services and innovative applications. Go to Open Government for more information on how we use technology to increase access to information for our citizens.



Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation - Special Mention

BA’s project Participación Pública en la Comuna 8 received a Special Mention at the 2012 Guangzhou Awards. This regeneration plan for the low-income neighbourhoods in one of the southern communes of the city was recognised for the importance given to public participation and consensus in the urban planning process.



1st City in Latin America for Students, 24th worldwide - QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2015

1st  Global City in Latin America, 20th worldwide- Global Cities Index 2014 (AT Kearney)

2nd City of Opportunity in Latin America, 24th worldwide - Cities of Opportunities 2014 (PWC)

1st City in Latin America for Young People, 11th worldwide - Youthful Cities Index 2014

1st City in Latin America for Meetings & Conventions, 18th worldwide  - ICCA Worldwide Rankings 2013

2nd City in Latin America for Sport, 32nd worldwide - Sports City Index 2013

1st Most Habitable City in Latin America, 26th worldwide The EIU Best Cities Ranking 2012

1st Tourist City in Latin America - Conde Nast Traveler

2nd Global Destination in Latin America - Global Destination Cities Index Mastercard 2013